CONTAINER LOADING AND UNLOADING Taking the container on board the ship with the container crane and depositing it on the side of the ship on an internal haulage platform or vice versa.
TRANSFERS It consists of unloading a container from the ship to the container yard and loading it again on another different ship.
CELL-CELL REARRANGEMENTS It consists of moving the container from where it is stowed on the ship, to another cell, in the same line of work.
CELL-DOCK-CELL REARRANGEMENTS It consists of taking the container from where it is stowed, positioning it on a platform and moving it to the work line of the crane that will lift it to another cell where it will be properly stowed.
SIDEWAYS TRANSFER FROM DOCK TO YARD AND VICE VERSA Moving the container on the hauling platform from the side of the ship and placing it in the properly stowed container yard or vice versa.
DELIVERY/RECEIPT OF CONTAINERS BY TRUCK Taking the container from where it is stowed and positioning it with the specialized equipment on the motor transport truck (Federal Public Service) or vice versa.
DELIVERY/RECEPTION OF CONTAINERS TO RAILWAY It consists of taking the container from where it is stowed and positioning it on an internal hauling platform on the side of the track and loading it onto the railway with specialized container carrying equipment or vice versa.
CONSOLIDATIONS / DECONSOLIDATIONS Fill or empty the container in the CFS warehouse with specialized equipment and personnel.
PRE-INSPECTIONS Positioning the container from where it is stowed to the pre-yard for review at the user's request.
REFRIGERATED CONTAINER SERVICE Supplying power and temperature monitoring by qualified personnel.
LOOSE MERCHANDISE SERVICE Labeling, tag, palletizing and packaging in general.
STORAGE Safekeeping of goods and containers in the appropriate spaces according to their classification.
STORAGE AND CONSERVATION Surveillance of merchandise through security personnel and Closed Circuit TV.
EMPTY CONTAINER INSPECTION Checking empty containers to determine their condition.
washing, sweeping Maintenance according to customer needs (Container cleaning with sweeping and pressure washing, painting, engines).
HANDLING SPECIAL CARGO For special slow maneuvers for oversized or dangerous containers.
LAZEX Container transfers via rail. Export and import with integrated port maneuvers.


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