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About LCT

Hutchison Ports LCT is a specialized container terminal that operates the loading and discharging of land and sea containers, as well as handling, storage and custody of containers either by sea and/or land.

Talking about the container terminal of Lazaro Cardenas is to talk that nothing is by chance. In 2003, the Hutchison Ports Group held a partial transfer contract of rights to operate the existing terminal in the port of Lazaro Cardenas, (which had not moved any containers since 1995) in the same contract there was the option of building a new specialized container terminal in this port.

This new container terminal has 3 stages for its construction. The first phase considered the development of 28.3 ha of yard, 600 linear meters of dock, 4 dock cranes (Superpostpanamax) and 12 yard cranes.

In September 2014, the second phase of the terminal opened, which consists of 28.3 hectares of yard, 330 linear meters of quay, 7 (Superpostpanamax) cranes and 18 yard cranes.

It is worth mentioning that the port equipment is of the latest generation, which positions it as the most agile terminal across the total Mexican port system, achieving productivities that positions it as the second most important terminal in the Americas, competing at the same time with major ports such as Long Beach, LA and Balboa, Panama.

Within a decade the Hutchison Ports group in the Port of Lazaro Cardenas has made Hutchison Ports LCT the most important container terminal in Mexico, generating 1,200 direct and 10,800 indirect jobs.

The terminal was planned to offer an agile, productive gate, with high capacity, at present it has 76 hectares of yards and warehouses, 11 Superpostpanamax cranes, 28 RTG cranes, 930 meters of quay, 3 berth docks, a natural draft of 16 meters, with yards with a 2,000,000 TEUs capacity, increasing the productivity of this terminal, with a total investment of $ 4,700M MXP (USD 360M). Thanks to the team and the experience of the crane operators, a record of 235 ship movements was achieved, a record never seen in Latin American ports. This productivity was recognized by the world’s most important Danish shipping line.
In June 2014, it was possible to simultaneously operate two S-Class Maersk Line vessels with a capacity of 9,850 TEUs.

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    Being a leader in port operations and logistics, creating stability for our environment.

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