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Information about our services

Hutchison Ports LCT offers the following services.

  • CONTAINER LOADING/DISCHARGING. It consists of taking the container onto the ship with a container lift crane and placing it alongside the ship on an internal carrying platform or vice versa.

  • TRANSFERS Unloading a container to the container yard and load it again onto another ship

  • CELL-CELL REARRENGEMENTSIt consists of moving the container from where it is stowed on the ship, into another cell in the same line of work.

  • CELL-DOCK-CELL REARRENGEMENTS It consists of taking the container from where it is stowed, to a position on a platform and transfer it to the line of work that will lift it with a crane to another cell where it will be properly stowed.

  • SIDE TRANSFER FROM DOCK TO YARD AND VICE VERSAIt consists of moving the container on a platform and placing it in the container yard properly stowed or vice versa.

  • DELIVERY / RECEPTION OF CONTAINERS-TRUCK It consists of taking the container where it is stowed and putting it with specialized equipment on the truck (Federal Public Service) or vice versa.

  • CONSOLIDATIONS / DESCONSOLIDATIONSTo fill up or empty the container in the CFS warehouse with specialized equipment and personnel.

  • PREVIOUS INSPECTIONSIt consists of positioning the container where it is stowed to the yard for a prior revision as requested by the user.

  • REFRIGERATED CONTAINER SERVICEIt consists of supplying energy and monitoring temperature by qualified personnel.

  • < p>BULK MERCHANDISE SERVICELabeling, tagging, palletizing and packaging in general.

  • STORAGE To safely keep goods and containers in the appropriate spaces according to their classification.

  • STORAGE AND SURVEILLANCEMerchandise surveillance through security personnel and Closed Circuit TV

  • EMPTY CONTAINERS INSPECTIONIt consists of revising the empty containers to determine their condition.

  • CONTAINER MAINTENANCE Maintenance according to the customer requirements (cleaning and sweeping containers with pressure washing, painting, engines)

  • SPECIAL CARGO HANDLING.To perform special slow maneuvering to oversized or dangerous containers.

  • ECTS It is the Internet version of some modules of the Container Terminal System (CTS) for queries.

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