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Our People

Hutchison Ports LCT is formed by committed and passionate personnel willing to do different things to get different results.

What distinguishes us
Our staff is the engine of our organization, their knowledge and experience are fundamental for the development of our processes and work systems.

Characterized by promoting change, we have work teams that through continuous improvement manage and implement initiatives and projects focused to surpass the everyday expectations of our customers.

We are prepared
In order to stay avant-grade, last year we offered more than 82,000 man/hours of training in our organization.

We have operators specialized in the handling of Containerized Cargo such as:

  • Gantry cranes
  • Yard cranes (Electric RTG / Diesel RTG), Reach Stackers and Empty Handlers
  • Truck operators for the transfer of containers or diverse goods.
  • Forklift operators, for activities such as the consolidation and/or deconsolidation of goods.
  • We also have qualified personnel for the consolidation and deconsolidation of goods transported in containers.

Our line of work includes specialized operators in the use of special equipment or the handling of general merchandise, (Dump trucks, Bulldozers, Car Operators).

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