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Technology - Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal Portuaria de Contenedores (LCTPC)


Hutchison Ports LCT is known for being a terminal with a large infrastructure investment in Mexico and state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of its customers.

Mobile apps. With the implementation of the PREM system installed in mobile equipment, we guarantee the proper handling of containers, thus reducing potential damage typical of the operations where reduced spaces play an important role. TPR Movil gives service to our customers, where they can control, monitor and measure the service performance in real time.

Nowadays you cannot visualize the logistics business without a multiservice web platform. With online services, the Hutchison Ports LCT web platform benefits our customers by reducing man hours dedicated to the exchange of information and physical documentation with the terminal, and the availability of real-time operations for each container by the data exchange via EDI, downloading invoices, confirmation of previous services and the release of containers without having to go to the terminal.

With the acquisition of the software for development “Simulation Models”, Hutchison Ports LCT has the capacity to simulate port operations in an effort to find the best operating practices that directly benefit the customer in an expeditious operation of the ships, SPF and Railway. The benefits: a shorter stay of ships in docks, fast availability of containers on the floor, a better planning for loading and discharging of containers. Another major technological tool is the application called “Origin Damage”, a tool that will support the organization and shipping lines to carry out an accurate monitoring of the structural conditions of ships operated by our terminal.

The operation using the OCR technology, initiative as a first step in Gates, has provided us with an intelligent tool that helps us increase security at the main entrances and exits inside the port operations logistics.

Perishable goods are of high monetary value, so the proper care and monitoring of the containers during their stay at the terminal is vital for both the shipping line, and the importer / exporter client. With the implementation of the automatic monitoring of containers, there is an availability of real time information of the containers temperature, receiving immediate alerts of any modification or alteration of the programmed temperature, allowing immediate action in the repair of the container.

We have implemented an innovative new service called Pre webcam that will provide our customers an excellent tool offering certainty and transparency of the services provided to the given trust to us in the handling of their products. Likewise the “Previous Tracking” where the customs agent will be able to know the status of its container during the revision, showing all the times of the operations, from the placement of the container in the prior area until its closing and confirmation. With the implementation of the maintenance based on the reliability of the RCM methodology, it raises the standard of the care quality that the used port equipments receive in the handling of containerized cargo.


HUTCHISON PORTS launched the MOBILEPORT application in Mexico, the first real-time cargo monitoring system developed by a port operator. With an investment of $ 50,000, it seeks to streamline the flow of information regarding port services at Hutchison Container Terminals in the country and will drive it as a strategic partner for the end customer and shipping lines.

“MOBILEPORT will allow us to be close to our customers with permanent communication platforms, sharing data on the operation and status of their merchandise,” explained Jorge Magno Lecona, director of the Latin America and Caribbean Division of HUTCHISON PORTS.

MOBILEPORT allows the users to consult the itinerary of the ships and know the information of their cargo. It also sends timely alerts regarding events, news of interest and gives the option to share information with other users.

This application is available for iOS and Android systems for free.

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