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Mobile Apps - Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal Portuaria de Contenedores (LCTPC)

Mobile Apps

eCTS (Container Terminal System)

It is a main application which processes and controls the operational flow of imports and exports of containers, vessels planning, service scheduling, in-and-out control, movements in the yard (full and empty), entering manifest data, as well as administrative control involving billing, customer registration, contracts and tariffs, dropout control and the information exchange between shipping lines, Port Administration and Customs.

eCTS, a CTS extension, consists of a customer service portal that offers a system that can be accessed securely online and to increase services in a more accessible way for our customers allowing them to access relevant information in a dynamic and flexible way from anywhere in the world. This module extends the functionality and services of CTS system to the Internet. Through the eCTS, customers and business partners can access containers information and Terminal operations, and also: consult custom reports, schedule container services and special alerts, release containers, among many others.

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